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I’m Kate and this is Alpha Dog Food : the food blog for men who can’t cook or won’t cook….. brought to you by the girls. Some friends and I started putting this blog together in October 2012 after sitting around my dining table in Dublin (Ireland) one evening, moaning about how our men never cooked a surprise romantic meal for us. We had just been watching the film Calendar Girls and we thought: “we can do better than that” – and that’s how this blog was born.


If you are a lady reader, you are welcome to join us. Please see here for details.


At least once a week, we will add a new recipe that is easy for men to cook – but that looks and tastes great – and add a nice picture of whichever one of us is writing it too!  Each recipe will typically be made from simple ingredients you can find in any supermarket – but it will also be a nice dish that any woman would like to see put on a table in front of them. We will cover a wide variety of food, building up a good reference source of quality recipes here that men can deploy to get their dastardly ways!


As this blog grows over time we will also add additional sections and posts such as:

  • How to create just the right romantic setting for a meal with the lovely lady in your life
  • We may even start reviewing some restaurants in case you really just can’t cook and you can take your lady out instead!
  • We intend to include a section on wine as well…
  • … and anything else that may be useful to all you alpha dogs out there to get you off your backsides and start cooking


If we find any links to other sites that make it easier for men to wine and dine us, we will add them in a new section here.


Think of all the benefits of cooking a romantic meal for that special lady in your life:  extra brownie points to be able to watch more sport on TV or go down to the pub with the lads, less nagging, maybe even getting laid more often! And as an extra bonus, you get to see me and my friends when you visit this blog to find your recipes or read up on how to woo a woman!


So please sign up to subscribe and get notified when we add new posts or new sections and please pass on our link to your friends. Feel free to also register, sign in and comment but please don’t descend into hate/filth/crudity/misogyny as all comments are moderated and won’t be published unless they are reasonable and/or funny. This blog is just meant to be a bit of fun so please enjoy it in the spirit it’s meant.


Hopefully by the time you are reading this, we will also have set up links on other social media such as Facebook and Twitter and you will be able to follow us there too if that’s more convenient for you. Please ‘like’ us on Facebook to spread the word and follow us on Twitter. You should see those links in the right hand column of this page.


Feedback – again, as long as it isn’t crude – on how we can improve the blog or on how you got on with a particular recipe, etc. is always welcome and you can contact me directly on kate (at) alpha-dog-food (dot) com or just type your feedback in via the comments section once you have registered.


We really hope you enjoy Alpha Dog Food and find it useful. And if reading it leads to anything signficant like an engagement or marriage then we REALLY want to hear about that!




Kate (Alpha Dog Food Blogger-in-Chief)

October 2012

p.s. and guys, please don’t forget the chocolates and flowers with the romantic meal and please remember to wash up after you have finished cooking!