Dec 11 2012

Christmas Gifts for Cooks (Jenny)




I have been searching the web trying to come up with three perfect gifts for the man who cooks for you and here they are:


1. Mandolin



This is one of the most versatile instruments in the kitchen when it comes to preparation (and presentation) of food. But please mind your fingers – I faint when I see blood. The best ones usually come with changeable blades that allow you to cut, grate, dice, slice and have adjustable cutting thickness. Even professional models are relatively inexpensive. I use the ProCook model and I think I paid around €35 (£30 $40) for it.


2. A Simple Wok

A Simple Wok




The deeper and heavier the better. You can cook everything in one of these – from stir fried vegetables to a pasta sauce (it reduces quicker). It really is one of the most useful pans to have around in any kitchen. It’s better to invest in one of the heavier, better quality non-stick versions if you can. Mine is a 26cm Raymond Blanc (Anolon) version, again it was relatively inexpensive at around €35.


3. A Good Set of Knives

Sabatier Knives



All men love mucking around with knives (and barbeques!). If you really want to push the boat out you can buy him a set of Kai Shun Damascus knives for a couple of grand (!) but for those of us with more limited budgets, I would suggest either buying a cheaper set or – if you think he’s a ‘keeper’ – buy him one really good, different knife a year of the same brand until he’s built up a good set and you’re the only one he’s every going to be cooking for. I use Sabatier but there are plenty of choices of good quality knives out there in all price ranges. Go to your local kitchen shop, tell them your budget and they will find something in that range for you. Like most things in the kitchen, you get what you pay for so go for the best you can afford.


We don’t have any links to sellers on Alpha Dog Food so I suggest the best thing to do is simply shop around online to find the best deal or go to a local kitchen shop if you want help and advice. If you are feeling really lazy, go to Amazon to do it. I know you can find all of these items there as I’ve checked.


Have a great Christmas,




Merry Christmas!