New Recruits


I’m Sally and I look after keeping this ‘new recruits’ page up to date.

If you are a lady reader, you are welcome to join us as a guest contributor. Our first two recruits (Mary and Breeda) – who joined us in October 2012 – are show below and I will add new ones as they join.

All you need to do is send in a recipe you would like to have your man cook for you (or a food/wine/restaurant-related article you have written that you think would suit this blog) to Kate’s email address kate (at) alpha-dog-food (dot) com and attach a (tasteful) topless picture – waist upwards only please – that we can use to go with your article.

Please also give us a short pen-picture of yourself (as much or as little as you want) telling us where you are from, what your views are on men cooking you a romantic meal occassionally, what your interests are, etc.

Articles from new contributors will get published on an ‘as arrived’ basis so hopefully, within a couple of weeks of sending it in, depending on the backlog. We will of course acknowledge receipt as soon as we get it.

You must be over 18 to send anything in and to see it published here – no exceptions.  You don’t of course have to provide your real name if you wish to remain anonymous but please don’t send in pictures of anyone other than yourself.


Go on, be brave! You can always blur out your face on your photo if you don’t want anyone to recognise you!


Best wishes,





October 2012


Mary is from Boston in the USA but is originally Irish. Her main interests are sailing and cooking and she tells us she owns a restaurant: “somewhere in Massachusetts.” She has sent in a recipe for ‘Irish Cassoulet‘ that we intend to publish at Christmas time to help use up that leftover turkey (or I suppose you would do that at Thanksgiving in the USA!).




Breeda is a nurse from Holland and like Mary above, saw our blog while it was being constructed in October 2012 and decided to join in with us. She has promised to introduce us to some Dutch colonial cooking which she tells us is a speciality of hers.



November 2012

Asami from Yokohama in Japan joined us in November and we hope to see her first blog in January when she will be teaching us about some Japanese food that is easy to cook.



Further new recruits will be added here as they join